Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Sunday, November 26, 2006

First Party

Lila went to her first birthday party on November 26. It was for Colby's 4th birthday! Lila got her first balloon. Don't worry; I know the dangers of balloons; we were very safe.

Lila got to visit with Great Granny Johnson, and of course in true Lila fashion, she had to feel her face a little.

Before we left, we had to let Lila ride at least one ride. As you can see with the look on her face, she was less than impressed.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

1st Thanksgiving

Lila's first Thanksgiving was great, very busy, but still great.

First, we ate at Grandma and Grandpa Davis's house. Daddy goofed around with Lila before dinner.

Then Lila played a little with Grandpa.

We went home for Lila to eat and nap, and then it was time to head to supper at Gran and Poppie's. Lila tried her best to get her hands on the food.


After we ate, then Lila had her own Thanksgiving dinner, rice cereal and sweet potato baby food, YUMMY!



The day was so packed full of excitement, Lila didn't wind down until late. She rolled around in the floor for quite a while.

She also spent a little time trying her best to crawl; she's almost there but not quite yet.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baby Love

Lila finally met her cousin Brianna this week. They are exactly one month apart. Lila is the older baby, but Brianna has her beat in size and hair.


Lila was all over the place, and it gave cousin Crystal a good look at what she's going to see Brianna doing in the next month or so. Lila LOVES other babies, so she was very interested in Baby Brianna.


Gran was just happy to have house full of little ones.


After Brianna left, Poppy got a few minutes of quality time before we had to go home. Lila is very interested in Gran and Poppy's dog, Layla.


What a fun day!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

1st Wedding

Lila attended her first wedding on Saturday, November 18. She was there to support Uncle Brian and her new Aunt Melanie (though Melanie has really been her aunt all along). Lila was extra good during the ceremony.

She was getting a little tired out by the reception but not too tired to pose for a photo with the newlyweds.

Plus, she made a little time for Grandma and Grandpa.



By the time we arrived at home, she was gone.

She took a nice nap, and was ready to go again at the wedding after party at Coolidge Park.


It was a long day, but she did great!


These are some miscellaneous pictures from November.

Lila's two bottom teeth are completely in; now we're waiting on the two uppers.

Lila and I had a photo shoot for her Christmas card; you'll have to wait until you receive yours in the mail to see the final Christmas card shot. This is a picture of her in her church dress.

Lila's first jeans!
Baby got jeans

She's going to be musical! She loves her baby piano.
Piano playing foo