Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 2007

September 1 - Lila up close and personal

Our little Volunteer cheerleader, minus the orange :).

September 4 - This was her reaction when I told her it was time to put on sunscreen.

Swinging at the Soddy Daisy wooden park .

Lila and her friend Patrick at the park. She looks nice here, but the second after this was taken she pushed him on the ground.

September 7 - Enjoying the play area at Northgate again.

September 8 - At the Hixson Community Carnival, Lila found this little cart that she loved. It belonged to someone we do not know, but that didn't stop her from climbing in over and over and over.

Daddy and Lila got to pet cows and goats at the petting zoo

September 12 - Lila and Olivia learning to drive a little early.

September 26 - Lila got her first ride on a carousel at Coolidge Park. It made Mommy a little queasy, but Lila enjoyed it.

Lila always enjoys the fountains at Coolidge!

September 27 - Lila loves to get in the tub. Sometimes she even gets in before taking off her pjs!

September 29 - We had a yard sale, and Lila made a new friend!