Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Johnson Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with our Johnson side of the family on December 23. Granny, Grandad, Gran, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Larry, Uncle Jimmy, Great Aunt Doris, Granny, and cousins Cristal, Breanna, Justin, Colby, Donna, Brandy, and Sidney were all there. Daddy was sick and couldn't make it.

Aunt Cathy got to get to know Lila a little better.

Even though Colby gets to see Lila most days at the babysitter's house, they still took time to pose for a picture together. Colby got Lila one of her favorite gifts: a Little People set. She won't let go of her Little People.

Still holding onto her Little People, Lila got acquainted with Great Granny again. She seemed to be very interestd in Granny's expressions.