Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ward Christmas Day Gathering

Please go back and check out all of the new pictures that have just been uploaded. I urge you to even go back to November; there are lots of new picture to catch up on.

After opening gifts at home, we went to see Gran, Poppie, Uncle Matt, Aunt Tara, and Uncle-For-the-Day Richard.

Lila started the event wearing her Santa suit, though she only made it through about half of the gift giving. (Notice she's still holding onto the Eeyore she got this morning.)

She was so happy to see Aunt Tara again. She had to feel of her face to make sure it was really her.

Uncle Matt and Lila were twins for the day, minus the camo t-shirt.

Gran and Poppie went overboard buying Lila gifts. You can definitely tell that she's a first grandchild!

Daddy loves his little girl SO much!

Mommy holds up her shirt to see if it will fit Lila. From the look on her face, it looks like Lila likes it.

Lila had a special "Baby's First" stocking this year at Gran and Poppies. She really seemed to like the velvet texture, and mommy liked all of the practical things Gran stuffed inside it, like teething tablets, baby toothpaste, baby spoons, and a sippy cup.