Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Friday, December 22, 2006

Ward Family Christmas

This year's annual Ward family party was held at Uncle Randy and Aunt Mechelle's house. There was great food and great fun to be had by all.

Cousin Holly got to hold Lila in practice for the upcoming birth of her baby. IT'S A BOY! We can't wait until Caden's birth in May so Lila can have another playmate.

Mommy even got to hold Lila for a few seconds. This is rare at any type of family get together.

Great Mamaw and Papaw Ward were among the people to give Lila some great gifts. They got her a super cute new coat, some new outfits, two baby dolls, several stuffed animals, and the best gift of all - ELMO TMX! We aren't sure how they found him, but he had us cracking up all night long.

Here is Lila with Great Mamaw and Papaw Ward as they were showing her some of the smaller stuffed animals, all of which make sounds.

Of course, the night wouldn't have been complete without a picture in front of the tree with Poppie.