Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Monday, June 04, 2007


This site needs a long overdue update! Here is a lot of what Lila has been up to for the past few months...

We went to Panama City Beach, Florida in March for Spring Break. It was gorgeous!

Daddy and Lila got to spend lots of time together enjoying the beach.

Lila didn't enjoy the sand at first, but after a while she got to where you liked it too much, so much she wanted it for a snack!

Shortly after we returned from vacation, Lila turned one year old! This picture was taken one year to the minute from the time she was born. She was exactly one year old at this moment. Doesn't she look excited?!

The Saturday after her birthday, we had her a little family party. She got lots of great gifts! One favorite present was this rocking caterpillar/work (I'm not sure which, lol).

I really thought she'd rip into her cake, but it took her a few minutes to really get accustomed to it.

We had a nice little crowd here in our new house. It was a great turnout.

Lila's second Easter couldn't be ruined by the cold, though she didn't get to wear her brand new yellow Easter dress. Good thing Gran had gotten her this springy, yet long sleeved dress a few months earlier. It was perfect for our Easter weather. In this picture, Lila is investigating the contents of her Easter basket.

Lila got bunny ears in her Easter basket, and she wore them to church. Everyone thought she was SO cute!

Daddy's Indian friend, Jamal went to the zoo with us on April 28. Lila was exactly 13 months that day.

Lila started taking steps a few days before her first birthday. She was a full fledged walker only a week later. By the end of April, she was practically running.

Lila and Poppy were amazed by all the flowers in Gran and Poppy's backyard on April 29.

After Mommy's job ended, Lila and Mommy started going lots of fun places. On May 31, Mommy and Lila attended the Toddler Olympics. Lila participated in the ten meter walk. Just as the race was about to start, a little boy decided to lie down on the ground. Instead of walking when they said GO, Lila just stared at the little boy.

He finally got up, and then Lila was all about the race, unfortunately she was the only one in it at this point; everyone else was already finished. She didn't seem to mind!

On Friday, June 1, Mommy and Lila met some other moms at the wooden playground in Soddy Daisy. Lila had a lot of fun swinging!

Later that day, Mommy and Lila headed to Great Granny and Grandad's and had some fun in the pool. Lila really enjoyed her little ladybug float!

Saturday, June 2, Lila paid a visit to Grandma and Grandpa, and they got a family shot after dinner.

Monday, June 4, Mommy and Lila met some other moms at Coolidge Park to play in the fountain. Lila absolutely LOVED THE FOUNTAIN! Mommy could barely tear her away from it!

She was obsessed with the individual spouts of water.

Coolidge Park is great for kids, because there are so many open spaces to just run about. Lila could not have had a better time.

She is so much fun!

More to come soon!