Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Lila was so cute in her Halloween outfit. She had no idea that later that day I would dress her up in a costume and she was going to get lots of candy (none of which she would be able to eat).

Originally, Lila was going to be a pink ladybug. I later decided that I wanted her to be Raggedy Ann like I was when I was her age. I worked long and hard to make her costume. I was making that wig at the very last minute, but it all turned out very cute, and I got reacquainted with the sewing machine.

Happy Halloween Family

I was shocked that Lila pretty much left her wig alone. She was so good!

Lila got to trick or treat with friends Allison (as Tinkerbell) and Olivia (as a puppy).

Lila wanted to hold her own candy bucket, even when it got really heavy.

Olivia, Lila, and Patrick wait for even more candy.

Our big girl did such a great job trick or treating!

This is Mommy as Raggedy Ann way back in the early 80s. It's funny that Lila looks so much like Mommy now, but she doesn't really resemble her baby pictures much.