Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 2007

October 2 - Lila got a new swingset! Mommy saw that it was being neglected in someone's yard, so we stopped to see if they wanted to sell it, and they did!

Lila loves her new playhouse!

Lila never slows down!

October 3 - Lila had her 18 month checkup, and she did great. She remains around the 40-45th percentile for weight, and is around the 75th percentile fore height...long and lean. She is right on track in every category and is well above average in many areas. We think she's exceptional!

October 5 - Lila had friends over and they played and played. Here is Lila with Olivia (under the blanket) and Allison.

Lila and Allison just chilling out.

October 6 - We went with Alicia and Allison to see Disney Princesses on Ice at the UTC Arena. It was a lot of fun!

Surprisingly, Lila really did seem to enjoy watching the skating.

The people next to us were even nice enough to let Lila sit in one of their seats. She likes to do everything like a big girl.

October 19 - Lila is a little monkey! She loves to climb!!

October 20 - Lila really enjoyed the balloons at Great Mamaw Davis's 90th birthday party.

Lila loved the attention she got from Great Great Uncle George.

October 21 - Lila looked so pretty in her Sunday dress, I wanted to catch it on film. This is what happened when I mentioned taking a picture.

It was nothing a grilled cheese couldn't solve.

October 22 - Lila at the Tennessee Aquarium with Allison and Alicia.

Typical girl, can't get enough of looking at herself in the mirror.

Lila and Olivia just chilling out waiting to look at the next fish exhibit.

October 28 - Lila's first pumpkin carving experience! Of course, she didn't actually carve, but she did play with "guts". I had to keep a close eye on her, because she kept eating the discarded pumpkin pieces!

October 30 - Lila and Abbie always enjoy going to Vandergriff Park in Hixson.

Lila ate plenty of strawberries and ended up with a stained face.

October 25 - My beautiful baby

Silly girl playing on her swingset.

October 27 - Lila attended her first Halloween party. She was just happy to walk around and collect sticks, one of her favorite past times.