Welcome Lila Elizabeth Davis

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family Vacation - October 2007

October 8 - We got the wonderful opportunity to go to Indian Shores, Florida with Gran, Poppy, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Tara this year. Lila was a little beach bunny all week.

We tried to get a family shot on the beach, but Lila was too concerned with getting down to look for shells.

Aunt Tara holds Lila's shell bucket.

Lila and Daddy scour the beach for more shells to add to the bucket.

We got to get together with our friends Jen and Maya while we were down there. They just happen to live not too far from where we were staying.

We wanted to get a good picture of Aunt Tara and Uncle Matt with Lila, but again, Lila wasn't cooperating.

October 10 - Lila wouldn't let go of Poppy for long while we were playing miniature golf.

Lila and Aunt Tara had fun just lounging around.

Lila got some more driving lessons with her car float. Uncle Matt and Daddy helped her navigate around the pool.

October 13 - Daddy, Lila, and Mommy head toward the water.

Lila takes a breather in Poppy's chair.

October 12 - We had dinner at Cody's Roadhouse, and it was great! Lila enjoyed her chicken strips, a kiddie menu favorite.

Poppy helped entertain Lila while Mommy and Daddy finished their food.

Gran, Mommy, and Lila took at walk on the beach, and we even visited a bird sanctuary.

October 13 - Last day in paradise, Mommy and Lila venture into the water.

Lila says that she is the Number 1 shell finder!

Gran holds Lila's shell canister while she puts in yet another shell.